We Love the Planet

Sustainable giving for a sustainable world. Earth is a beautiful planet, and we kinda want to keep it that way. MyPlanet is the driving force behind our eco-conscious efforts. From our product packaging to how we illuminate and heat our office building, we’re taking care of Mother Earth the same way she’s taken care of us.

Our Company:
As part of our overall MyDifference program, we completed the B Impact Assessment by B Corps. This process provided us a variety of company-wide benchmarks and we’re educating ourselves so we can take steps in the right direction. We were glad to discover what we were doing right (hooray!), and now we’re ready to keep the momentum going in the upcoming years (future hooray!).

Our Products:
Healthy skin and a healthy planet are at the core of every product on the MyChelle shelves. In fact, without the power of nature, there would be no MyChelle. That’s why it’s only right that we never use toxic ingredients in any of our products. Never, ever, ever. And that’s that.

Our Packaging:
We use only 100% Forest Stewardship Council certified, post-consumer waste paperboard for our packaging and marketing materials. We even won a 2011 Responsible Packaging Award. Ooh-la-la.

Our Containers:
Reduce, reuse, recycle. That’s the name of our container game. All of our bottles and tubes are made of easily recyclable glass or #2 plastic.

Our Office and Operations:
100% wind-generated electricity. Energy-saving ballast light bulbs. An in-office recycling program (paper, cardboard and other materials). Streamlined shipping cartons and processes. These are just some of the ways MyChelle is a bright and beautiful shade of green.

The minds behind MyPlanet are MyChelle’s Mandi Lerma, Melissa Bland, Stephanie Pape, Pato Pol and Kristine Carey.