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I got some free sample of your oily skin care regimen and my skin feels AMAZING! Normally when I try new products my skin blows up (redness, painful bumps and crazy acne) for several days while it's trying to get used to the product. It didn't happen this time! – Wendy L

Your pumkin peel (Incredible Pumpkin Peel) ROCKS!
– Janice G.

I love MyChelle products!! I have been using them for about two months now and have seen a dramatic improvement in my skin. They're not only effective, but they're fun to use. With other skin care systems, I always seem to forget either my morning or evening regimen. I never forget with just feels so good when I use the products. Thank you, MyChelle.
– Laurie B

Best, best products!
– Bhakti P.

MyChelle products ROCK...I'm on the good side of 40 and I love the way your products work on my skin!
– Ciairra C.

I just bought your MyChelle sampler and I loved everything in it. Especially the Serious Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum and the Fruit Enzyme Mist. I was totally excited when they had them on sale at my local New Seasons and bought the last remaining two. :) Your products really work and I feel like I’m at a spa every time I use them.
– Veronica J.

Oh, god. Becoming obsessed with this line. Everything I've tried is amazing!
– Teresa A.

Just tried the Supreme Polypeptide Cream (sample size) and felt immediate improvement. I was shocked. Went out and bought several full-size products.
– Miyoko S.

I recently attended an event you hosted at Healthy Home Market.  Thank you for understanding my frustration with my attempts at trying to heal my skin and adult acne.  I have suffered with breakouts for most of my life and have tried everything from the drugstore to the department store, as well as several expensive and painful treatments with a dermatologist.

Now for the first time with your recommendations, I am experiencing a true healing.  Overnight and in a matter of a few days I saw a marked improvement.  The regimen of the Cranberry Mud Mask, Clear skin Cleanser and Serum, Perfect C Serum and Clear Skin Balancing Cream was the perfect combination.  I went out to dinner with a friend this weekend and she commented on how "good" my skin looked and that I had a "glow".  I wasn't wearing any makeup that night and don't remember the last time I have heard someone say that about my skin.

I am eternally grateful and a customer for life!  Thank you soooooooo much.
– Erika M.