Oh So Sensitive
While sensitive skin may sound nice and sweet, it’s actually anything but. In fact, it’s classified by really uncomfortable skin reactions such as pustules (ouch!), skin bumps (itch!) and skin erosion (eek!). These conditions can cause serious dryness and, as a result, inadequate protection for nerve endings in the skin. Genetic factors such as age, gender and race all play a role in here, so sensitivity varies vastly from person to person.

Sensitive skin has a tendency to flush for various reasons and can be made even more irritated by conditions like eczema, rosacea and allergic contact dermatitis. Excessive exposure to damaging environmental factors such as sun, wind and excessive heat or cold are also major triggers. So what’s the solution? Easy. Use cleansers, creams and other products that are specially designed to treat, nourish and heal the most delicate skin.

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