At any age, skin can be dryer than normal. But, as skin ages, it generally becomes less oily, losing natural lubrication as well as vital moisture. At the same time, skin-cell regeneration slows, resulting in a thinner outer skin layer and a duller, less-youthful appearance. It's never too late to improve your skin's cellular regeneration and maintain precious moisture balance. MyChelle bioactive ingredients encourage the formation of collagen and the underlying nutrients in connective tissue that provides skin's natural firmness and lift. Key powerful antioxidants fight the proliferation of free radicals at the skin's cellular level.
Tropical Skin Smoother
Antioxidant and moisture-rich skin exfoliator smoothes and renews radiance.
Deep Repair Cream
Restore, repair and rehydrate with rejuvenating Kombuchka™ and Venuceane™.
Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum
Multi-action hydrators quench, smooth and plump dry, sensitive skin.
Picture Perfect Collection
Look your best with MyChelle's Picture Perfect Collection. This trio is designed to hydrate and reduce the signs of aging.

Regular Price: £71.00

Special Price: £63.90

Daily Basics Dry Skin
This collection includes: Creamy Pumpkin Cleanser, Ultra Hyaluronic Hydrating Serum and Deep Repair Cream.

Regular Price: £60.50

Special Price: £54.45

Hydrating Cactus Mask
Intensely soothing and strengthening to repair sensitive and dry skin.
Dry Regimen Kit

Regular Price: £123.50

Special Price: £111.15

Hello Beautiful Collection Dry By MyChelle
At MyChelle, we’re totally pro-moisture. So when it comes to dry skin, we let it pour. Our products for dry skin encourage the formation of collagen and increase water content in the skin by delivering moisture-rich nutrients and amino acids.