Beauty Gurus at Your Service

Fancy yourself a skin care connoisseur? Then you’ll be in great company with our Certified MyChelle Beauty Experts, the super heroines and heroes of sensational skin. As some of the most well-trained and passionate experts in the industry, these beauty buffs are ready and waiting to share their knowledge and help you customise your perfect MyChelle beauty ritual. They have answers to all of your most pressing questions—How does this product work? Where is that ingredient from? What will it do for my skin? —plus a whole slew of other queries you probably haven’t even thought of yet.

MyChelle Beauty Experts go through a rigorous certification and training program to acquire an in-depth understanding about each and all of our exclusive products. Whether you simply want to add a serum or go full throttle with a complete system, they’ll gladly take you through a free skin consultation to determine the true condition of your skin and then help you choose which products are right for you. No pressure. No overselling. Just you and your soon-to-be-glowing skin. It really is that simple.